Explore the wide range of movement possibilities available in Pilates.

Branch out and explore the wide range of movement possibilities available in the Pilates repertoire. Have fun while building your strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance in this dynamic, 55-minute class. You’ll never know what to expect, and you’ll always get what you came for.

Exploration classes are dynamic, multi-level workouts.  The teachers are there to guide the journey and every student takes charge of their own experience by:

  • adapting exercises through variations/modifications offered by the teacher
  • adjusting the amount of resistance/assistance to match their level while maintaining good form
  • mixing up the pace for more awareness, control, rigor, or flow
  • increasing or restraining range of motion based upon the body’s needs
  • accepting or declining additional challenges
  • pushing on or resting as needed

Explorations classes are multi-level and open to all students.  If you are brand new to Pilates, we do recommend starting with a Foundations class or a private session, if possible.  This will help you build the awareness and beneficial habits that will make Exploration classes more effective and enjoyable.