Level One – Start here if you’re new to Pilates. 

This 55-minute class consists of a standard routine of traditional Pilates exercises that will help you to establish core principles and form. Slow enough for newcomers or those with movement restrictions, yet sufficiently calibrated to challenge even seasoned practitioners. 

Pilates Group Equipment Classes

To ensure the best experience in our Pilates Equipment Classes, we use a leveling system at Chaturanga. Beginners are considered “yellow springs” (the lightest Pilates spring), Experienced students are “blue springs” and Advanced students are “red springs.” All new students are considered yellow springs until you show the facility needed to safely participate in more advanced classes.  Everyone is different, but we typically recommend taking at least 3 Foundation classes before moving on to Exploration classes.  The requirements for advancing from yellow spring to blue spring status are demonstrating a baseline of:

  • Awareness of how foundational Pilates principles feel in the body, and
  • Self-sufficiency adapting exercises and spring resistance to your ability.