Osteoporosis safe and all-ages suitable!

Based on scientific principles for increasing muscle strength and bone density in the safest and most efficient manner, this 55-minute class is a slow-moving, nonstop burn guaranteed to make you stronger (and more flexible), fast. Osteoporosis safe and all-ages suitable!

There are three ways to get your Strength workout at Chaturanga. 

  • Join a stand-alone Strength class. You’ll explore a variety of exercises across the different Pilates apparatus.  Using maximum resistance (and good form, of course) you’ll exhaust your muscles resulting in positive strength gains and the cascade of orthopedic, cognitive, and metabolic benefits that follow.
  • Join a Foundations class and add extra springs.  Follow the same routine as the Foundations students but max out your spring tension in the quest for your goal of temporary muscular failure.
  • COMING IN FEBRUARY!  Join us for Open Gym Hours (blue and red spring students only). Follow one of our pre-recorded routines using in-studio guides, online recordings (bring your wireless earphones and smart phone).  Stay tuned to learn more…