Studio Pilates

Private, semi-private, and group Pilates

Private and Semiprivate Pilates

For a perfectly tailored Pilates experience, schedule an appointment with one of our talented Pilates instructors. Your Pilates teacher will be there for you as both coach and cheerleader, providing guidance and encouragement as you pursue goals that are measurable and meaningful to YOU.

Pilates Group Equipment Classes

Our Pilates studio is fully equipped with Balanced Body Allegro Reformer-Towers, Exo Chairs, Arcs, Magic Circles, and more.  All our Pilates Equipment classes are thoughtfully designed to emphasize Foundation principles at outset, maximize Strength gains over time, and enhance overall physical intelligence with varied and progressive challenges (Exploration and Mastery).  Classes are limited to 7 people, ensuring that everyone receives personal attention and feedback. 

To ensure the best experience in our Pilates Equipment Classes, we use a leveling system at Chaturanga. Beginners are considered “yellow springs” (the lightest Pilates spring), Experienced students are “blue springs,” and Advanced students are “red springs.” All new students are considered yellow springs until you show the facility needed to safely participate in more advanced classes.  Progress to the next level with your teacher’s approval.

Pilates Mat Classes

We offer two different Pilates Mat class formats: Pilates Matwork and Pilates Therapy (designed for aging bodies, post-rehab, or those managing chronic conditions).

Presently some Pilates Mat classes are offered online only while others are offered in the studio. See the online schedule for class location.

New to Pilates?

Watch this Introductory video  at right. Learn about the Pilates Fundies